Mold closes library in new school

Aug. 9– Just two days into the new school year, the library is closed until further notice at East Hardin Elementary School in Savannah and the culprit is mold.

Maintenance workers reportedly found the mold in the school just entering its fourth year of service several weeks before classes resumed.

Hardin County Director of Schools John Thomas said the air conditioning had been set at too warm a level during the summer, allowing mold to grow because of higher humidity.

East Hardin is built on relatively low-lying ground on the site of a former sod farm. This summer has been unusually rainy, contributing to high humidity levels.


The temperature level set at East Hardin for the summer this year is the same as in previous years in which no mold was found, Thomas said.

According to school officials, the mold discovered in the library and elsewhere in the building is not of the hazardous variety.

Letters to parents about the problem and the clean-up work are being sent home with East Hardin Elementary School students.

"Our number one priority is the safety of the children," said Thomas.

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