Savannah police add to arsenal for combating drug crimes

May 15– The Savannah Police Department is devoting additional resources to combating drug crimes, police Chief Michael Pitts announced today.

The department rejoined the 24th Judicial District Drug Task Force as a sponsoring agency on May 9, a day after reactivating the city's narcotics division which had been dormant for “several years,” according to a news release.

Pitts said he assigned a full-time investigator to the division to combat the sale, delivery, and manufacture of illegal narcotics in Savannah.


The release says 24th Judicial District Attorney General Matt Stowe extended an invitation for the department to rejoin the task force, and a vote by the board of directors confirmed the appointment Tuesday. 

To report possible illegal drug activity in the city, call the Savannah Police Department at 731-925-3200, Ext. 205.

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