Adamsville Utilities thaws out frozen water plant; lack of water shuts down Hardin County Schools

JAN. 4 – Adamsville Utility District customers awoke this 15-degree morning to find low to no water pressure.

Adamsville City Administrator Steve Simon said a sheltered actuator outside the water plant that tells the system when to retrieve more water from the wells froze. Adding to the situation, a telemetric system designed to alert water plant operators of problems failed.

Employees didn’t discover the system’s storage tanks had emptied until 4:30 a.m.

“We’re greatly embarrassed,” Simon said.

At 6:24 a.m., Hardin County Director of Schools Michael Davis notified the Courier he was canceling classes for the entire school system for the day because there was no water pressure at West Hardin Elementary.


According to Simon, the city is now pumping to fill the water system’s storage tanks and 164 miles of line, but “it’s going to take hours” to fully restore.

In the interim, he asks Adamsville Utilities customers to try to minimize their demand on the water system.

He noted that given the frigid temperatures, some customers have had to leave faucets running slowly to avoid pipes freezing.

The water system’s typical usage is about 750,000 gallons per day, but 1 million gallons was consumed yesterday, Simon said.

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