Crash on U.S. 64 leaves Savannah police officer unemployed, arrested

MARCH 2 -- A police officer was fired this afternoon after totaling his patrol vehicle last night on U.S. 64 just west of the city, according to a Savannah Police Department news release.

The release says the now former city officer, Scott Evans, has been arrested by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, which responded to the crash reported at 6:54 p.m.

Savannah Police Chief Michael Pitts, citing a preliminary investigation, said Evans had been dispatched to an emergency call  when he crashed. 

The investigation found there were “numerous policy violations that ensued from the accident”  and that Evans, a probationary officer hired on March 29 last year, was immediately suspended and subsequently terminated. 


Pitts said in the release that he ordered Evans to submit to a drug and alcohol screen, but did not specify why he was arrested by the THP.

The Courier has requested a copy of the crash report from the THP.

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