Restaurant voices support for law enforcement after officer reportedly refused service

APRIL 18 – An Adamsville police officer says he and a McNairy County deputy sheriff were refused service at a local Jack’s restaurant today while on duty and in uniform, but he’s not holding it against the business.

The officer, Ryan Burlesci, said they entered the Adamsville Jack’s at 5 a.m. and the restaurant’s shift supervisor walked away, repeatedly stating,  “I refuse.”

Burlesci said the two were initially unsure whether the remarks were directed at them. Another employee came to the register and took their order and told him the supervisor was upset because he and another Adamsville officer had arrested a different Jack’s employee at the restaurant a few weeks ago.

Jack’s Area Supervisor Donna Jones said this afternoon that the fast food chain’s corporate human resources department is investigating.

“We love law enforcement and all emergency service providers,” she said.


Burlesci termed the situation “disheartening,” but  said that “the management and employees at Jack’s have always been good to myself and the other police officers in town. I truly believe this was an isolated incident.” 

The Adamsville Police Department said in a social media post, “Local (Jack’s) management states this store is in full support of law enforcement here as well as other locations” and the APD is “supporting them 100 percent so we can come to a mutual understanding of what actually happened.” 

The matter came to light after Burlesci’s mother, Carla Burlesci, made a Facebook post about the incident  which quickly circulated in the immediate area.

In a subsequent post this evening, she said, “Well, apparently my upset mother post has made some waves today while I was at work. That was not my intention at all!

“They were hesitant to stay and eat, but they did finally sit down. This is not in any way a reflection on the restaurant or the company involved. I was merely venting on Facebook as a concerned patron and supporter of our law enforcement.”

 She said “Adamsville has a great group of guys (and gals) keeping our city safe and I hate to see anyone miss out on a great biscuit.”


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