Dwana Pusser, 'crusader for law enforcement,' has died

MARCH 8 – Dwana Pusser Garrison, a former Adamsville city commissioner and the daughter of famed McNairy County Sheriff Buford Pusser, died last night, city officials confirmed today.

“The City of Adamsville is profoundly saddened at the passing of our friend,” officials said in a news release. “She was a crusader for law enforcement.”

Garrison served three four-year terms on the Adamsville City Commission and was an advocate of state, regional and local tourism. She was active in promoting the city and keeping the legacy of her father alive through the Buford Pusser Home & Museum in Adamsville.


Alleged threat from parent causes lockdown at Adamsville Elementary

UPDATE, 6 p.m., MARCH 5 -- Regarding an alleged threat made by a parent to kill their own child, a student at Adamsville Elementary School, McNairy County Sheriff Guy Buck said there is “no reason at this time to believe an actual threat was made.”

The parent who allegedly made the threat “had no weapons or access to weapons, so even if a threat was made, it would have been difficult for him to carry out.”

Buck said the incident began during a heated argument between the parent and his mother, which was witnessed by a male acquaintance of the mother. The acquaintance and the parent both made multiple calls to McNairy County E-911, and it was the acquaintance who said the parent made the threat, Buck explained.

The parent who was arrested reported to 911 that his mother was being held hostage by the acquaintance, which Buck said was determined to be false.

“We’re going to respond to every one of these calls and we’re going to be thorough. Everyone was responsive, everyone did their job, and we grabbed him up quick – but it’s looking more and more like an argument that got out of control.”

Buck added that the parent who was arrested is being held at the McNairy County Jail on a possible abuse of 911 charge, and that he has received a mental health evaluation. He is expected to be transferred to a mental health facility.

“I think he needs a little help, and we’re going to get him help. We have determined no students or schools were in danger, and the incident remains under investigation,” Buck said.

MARCH 5– Adamsville Elementary School was placed on lockdown at approximately 10:15 this morning after a parent of a student there allegedly made threats that he was going to kill his child, according to authorities.

After receiving word of the threat, Adamsville Police Department officers immediately went to the school to secure it and place it on lockdown.

The parent “made threats regarding his minor child that was in the elementary school. The report we gathered was that he was going to kill him,” said Adamsville Assistant Police Chief Daniel Vandiver, who explained that he and Police Chief Jerry Christopher secured the building.

Vandiver added that while he and Christopher were securing the school, Adamsville Officer Johnny Deloit attempted to make contact with the parent who allegedly made the threat.


Crash on U.S. 64 leaves Savannah police officer unemployed, arrested

MARCH 2 -- A police officer was fired this afternoon after totaling his patrol vehicle last night on U.S. 64 just west of the city, according to a Savannah Police Department news release.

The release says the now former city officer, Scott Evans, has been arrested by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, which responded to the crash reported at 6:54 p.m.

Savannah Police Chief Michael Pitts, citing a preliminary investigation, said Evans had been dispatched to an emergency call  when he crashed. 

The investigation found there were “numerous policy violations that ensued from the accident”  and that Evans, a probationary officer hired on March 29 last year, was immediately suspended and subsequently terminated. 


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