Water starts to flow again from Southside faucets

Jan. 10– First Utility District of Hardin County’s water woes have taken a turn for the better today.

“We hope to have water to most of the customers at Southside by early tonight,” said FUD Board Chairman Richard Childers. “We went from losing ground two days ago, to gaining ground.”

Around 700 of the utility’s customers have been without water for a day or so as a result of pipes which burst because of near record-setting freezing temperatures earlier this week.


Pickwick, Shiloh water leak situation worsens

Jan. 9– The First Utility District is warning its approximately 3,000 customers they could all lose water service in less than a day because of numerous leaks caused by frozen pipes that burst.

With normal usage this time of year around 500,000 gallons or less per day, only around 350,000 gallons remain in the water system’s three elevated tanks, the utility serving Pickwick, Counce and Shiloh reports.

The utility is urging customers to curtail all unnecessary water consumption.

The tank at Southside is already dry and has been shut off, affecting some 700 customers, including one school, according to First Utility District representative Vicky Wilkerson.

That school, Pickwick Southside, is closed today because of hazardous road conditions this morning.


Pickwick, Shiloh customers urged to conserve water as frozen pipes burst

Jan. 8– Water leaks from frozen pipes prompted Hardin County’s First Utility District today to ask customers to conserve water for the next week.

“There’s leaks everywhere with the water freezing and then the pipes burst. We’ve had main lines to break,” said First Utility District representative Vicky Wilkerson.

Levels in the utility’s three water tanks are “dangerously low,” she said.


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