Local truckers seek donated hay to feed livestock in burning Oklahoma

APRIL 19 – Massive wildfires have struck western Oklahoma, so far killing two and displacing hundreds from their homes, with over 50 homes burned to the ground - and some in Hardin County are working to help.

While Red Cross, FEMA, churches and many other organizations are assisting people suffering from the west Oklahoma wildfires, J.B. Smith of J.B. Smith Trucking in Walnut Grove and trucker Carl Burns are striving to save livestock.

According to Oklahoma News 4, the “Rhea fire” in Dewey County, Oklahoma has, as of yesterday, burned 283,095 acres and was still only 3 percent contained. The devastated areas include homes, neighborhoods and a great deal of foraging land for cattle and other livestock.

With that much land destroyed, people and animals are going to need a lot of help – and Smith said he and Burns are doing what they can.

“We’re providing our trucks, drivers and fuel, and we’ve already got two truck loads we’re going to leave with on Monday, to deliver either Monday night or Tuesday morning. If we can get more, we’ll bring three truck loads,” Smith said.

Burns explained they are looking for donations of round bales of hay to deliver to ranchers and livestock owners in Dewey County, saying, “They really need it, and they need it as soon as they can get it.”

For those able and willing to help with donations of large round hay bales, contact J.B. Smith Trucking at 731-925-4500, or Carl Burns at 731-412-6793.

For those wishing to help but have no hay, Fox 23 News in Oklahoma has posted the following for cash donations:


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