TWRA confirms sighting of cougar in Wayne County

Sept. 23– The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has confirmed the sighting of a cougar in Wayne County on property located in an area between Linden and the county seat of Waynesboro.
TWRA said today that a trail camera captured the cat’s image on Sept. 4 and the agency, as it does when it receives reports accompanied by credible evidence, began investigating the report.
“We often get asked what it means if we confirm the documentation of a cat in an area where we haven’t seen one before,” said Joy Sweaney, a wildlife biologist with TWRA and head of the agency’s Cougar Action Team.
“Most likely they are repeated sightings of an individual cougar, as they can travel long distances in a short period of time. However, there is no way of knowing for sure if it is the same individual or a new arrival.”
The wildlife agency reports confirming eight sightings since September 2015, with the previous five confirmations in Humphreys County. This is the first documented sighting in Wayne County.


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