Hospital warns of prescription phone scam

 Dec. 20– Hardin Medical Center (HMC) is warning of yet another phone scam affecting residents in and around the Hardin County area.

Hospital officials say a caller, claiming to be affiliated with HMC, is calling to remind the recipients to refill their medications in order to obtain personal information from them.

"Patients are being asked for their Social Security number by the caller over the phone to ‘verify their prescriptions,’" said HMC Chief Executive Officer Nick Lewis. "The calls are not coming from Hardin Medical Center. No one from this hospital will be calling to request personal health information or prescription information over the phone."

 In each instance, the phone number appearing on caller IDs of the call recipients has been 866-218-7985.

 Lewis said the hospital has received around five reports of phone scam attempts and HMC has turned to local law enforcement for assistance.


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