Student suspended in Snapchat scare

UPDATE, Aug. 13– Hardin County Director of Schools Michael Davis advised at 2:40 p.m. that the county Sheriff's Department has "determined who is responsible." He said "the student has been suspended out of school and is scheduled for a disciplinary hearing Monday."

The Courier has reached out to Chief Deputy Mike Fielder for more information.

Aug. 12– Rumors of a social-media shooting threat have had some Hardin County High School parents calling Director of Schools Michael Davis throughout the day, but Davis said a short while ago the rumors are overblown.

“One boy at the high school got some weird messages by a person who identified themselves as ‘Abby,’ saying messages like ‘I’ll be seeing you soon’ and ‘I’ll get you,’” Davis said.

The content described by Davis was a paraphrasing of the text of the messages, because he did not have the exact text with him at the time of the interview late this afternoon.

The messages were sent using the popular social-media site “Snapchat,” which allows users to send a message or picture that erases itself after a short time.

Davis said the messages could be taken as an intimidation tactic, but there were no direct threats of harm to any students or the school itself.

The recipient of the messages, a student at Hardin County High School, took a screen-shot picture of the messages to save them, and then shared them with another student. The recipient eventually showed the messages to school staff, who notified police.


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