If banished from Memphis, Forrest statue may beckon tourists to Savannah

July 22– Could a famous, yet controversial, monument be making its way from Memphis to Savannah to serve as a tourist attraction?

In a July 14 letter from Savannah Mayor Bob Shutt to Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton obtained by The Courier, Shutt said the city is willing to pay moving expenses to relocate the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue from its current home in Memphis to Savannah.

Shutt writes that Savannah’s interest in the monument is for “the sole perspective of economic development” and has “no hidden agendas.”

Memphis leaders have already begun the process to remove the statue from Health Sciences Park, its current home.

If Savannah is successful in obtaining the Forrest Monument, City Manager Garry Welch said several possible sites could be considered.


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