Killing Crump? City's future up for discussion at Aug. 7 public meeting

 AUG. 4-- A public meeting likely to include discussion of whether the financially challenged city of Crump should be eliminated is set for 6 p.m. Monday at City Hall.

Crump Mayor Glen Spencer said at the city board’s July 25 meeting that he set up a session for the officials to review options regarding issues that have recently arisen, including the possibility of unincorporating.

The July 25 Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting was attended by an audience of approximately 30 people, possibly the largest group in several years.

Several Crump citizens commented before and after the meeting that they had hoped to discuss those very questions with the board, which abruptly adjourned without the customary opening of the meeting for public comment.

Spencer said Municipal Management Consultant Ronnie Neill, of the Memphis office of the Municipal Technical Advisory Service, which advises municipalities on laws and regulations regarding local government, will meet with the board.

“This is a meeting to answer, basically, questions that I’ve been asked and that (Neill) has been asked. We’re going to look at deannexation and surrendering the city charter, and what has to be done (if the city chooses that option) – we’re going to look at property taxes, city stickers, business licenses, everything – all of our options,” Spencer said.


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